Website Monitoring Documents Web Host Issues

Website Monitoring Documents Web Host Issues Industry: Internet retail, auto parts Business Challenge: Declining online sales and customer complaints over website issues led to decreased revenues. Hosting company claimed all issues were resolved. Strategy: Using Dotcom-Monitor, independently verify website performance to ascertain whether problems exist and determine root causes. Results: Detailed analysis of website issues from an end-user’s perspective Significantly improved website availability, accessibility and performance Greatly increased transaction processing and customer satisfaction

Independent Website Uptime Verification

Independent Website Uptime Verification Industry: Internet Hosting Services / Managed Hosting Business Challenge: Delivering proof of a unique brand promise of 100% availability. Strategy: Using Dotcom-Monitor, provide clients with independent performance data that measures availability from a user’s perspective. Results: Higher standard of accountability Improved client satisfaction Increased client loyalty and profitability

Web Performance Monitoring

Web Performance Monitoring Industry: Online advertising Business Challenge: Ensuring online availability and accessibility of advertising content from third parties. Strategy: Dotcom-Monitor for performance monitoring and alert Results: Improved availability and reliability Faster problem resolution Enhanced ecosystem management for greater performance and profitability

Ensuring Web Application Uptime

Ensuring Web Application Uptime Industry: On-demand business communication technologies Business Challenge: Monitoring Internet-based applications worldwide in a cost-effective manner. Strategy: Use Dotcom-Monitor traceroutes to document the problem with their DNS service as the provider denied there were any issues on their end. Results: The DNS service provider admitted they had an issue with their upstream network provider and tasked the provider to correct the problem.

External Content Delivery Network Monitoring

External Content Delivery Network Monitoring Industry: Interactive Agencies Business Challenge: Interactive agencies managing and maintaining optimal performance of CDN-based web content for clients and end-users. Strategy: Interactive Agencies use Dotcom-Monitor, on behalf of their clients and end-users to test competing CDNs during initial evaluation, monitor CDN-based content for performance, manage optimal placement of content on CDN nodes, and enforce Service Level Agreements (SLA) with CDNs. Results: With monitoring in place, Interactive Agencies increase client loyalty by ensuring optimal performance and responsive management off CDN-based content.