Alerts can be sent to any voice-enabled phone. This option provides a specific message with the details of the problem. Dotcom-Monitor®’s automated system can detect whether an individual has received the call or if it is forwarded to a voice-mail system and treats the call accordingly. Phone alerts are interactive and provide an option for postponing additional alerts to the number called, which prevents repeated alerts while the issue is being resolved . Dotcom-Monitor® assesses a surcharge for each phone alert.

To enable the Phone option go to the monitored Device, click Actions>Edit, scroll down to the “Notifications Options” area and select the check box for “Phone Number” and insert the phone number to notify in the field provided.


Actions > Edit

Phone Number

Scroll down to the ‘Notification Option’ part

If the country code is “1” (for example in the US, Canada, and Caribbean), enter the area code and number (for example, 952-5134392). For all other country codes, use the prefix “011”, the country code and the phone number (for example, 011-44-95244392).

Phone alerts are interactive, allowing you to postpone subsequent alerts for 15m, 30m, 1h, 3h, 12h or 24h, once an alerts is received.

Multiple voice notification recipients can be grouped under Notification Group.

  • Error message:

Hello!… This is Dotcom-Monitor Agents speaking…. Error occurred during the device monitoring at <Monitor_DateTime> … from monitoring location … <Location> … Device name is <Site_Name> … Task number is <TaskNumber> … Task name is <Task_Name> … Error number is <Error_Code>… Error description is: <Reason>…

  • Test message

Hello!… This is Dotcom-Monitor Agents speaking…. This is a test alert for <Site_Name> … Thank you… and … Bye bye…

  • Uptime message

Hello!… This is Dotcom-Monitor Agents speaking…. Device: <Site_Name> is back online at <Monitor_DateTime>. Reporting location is Location: <Location> Thank you… and … Bye bye….

As well as other types of notification, voice notifications will be sent in accordance with a Filter and Scheduler you have chosen for a Device.

Each Phone Call costs $0.15 in the US and $0.99 cents for all other countries.

SMS Alerts option can be set up for all Dotcom-Monitor account types, except Free Trial.