Dotcom-Monitor can send alert notifications for each DOWN/UP state change of a Device to one, or more cell phone numbers in the Short Message Service (SMS) format.

To receive SMS alerts for a Device, first click “Actions”>Edit> then scroll down to “Notification Options”

and place a check in the box after “SMS Number” and specify the number where the SMS messages should be sent.


“Device”>Actions > Edit


Scroll down to the ‘Notification Options’ area


Specifying the Phone Number where SMS messages should be Delivered

Any number within any cell phone carrier around the world can be set as destination.

IMPORTANT: The Phone Number must contain a country code (for example: US 1-952-5134392; UK: 44-9524 4392). Do NOT use international dialing prefix, such as “011” in the number.

Multiple SMS recipients can be grouped and set-up within a Notification Group.

The SMS Alert Message 

The SMS Notification Template contains key information, including:

  • Error Template:


  • Test Alert Template:

Dotcom-Monitor test alert for site <Site_Name>

  • Uptime Template:

Device: <Site_Name> back online at <Monitor_DateTime> Location: <Location>

SMS Pricing

Each SMS notification message costs $0.15.

EXAMPLE: If a single SMS Alert is sent to 15 phone numbers, then the one alert to 15 numbers will cost $2.25.

Similar to other notifications, SMS Alerts can be sent based on Filters and a Schedule applied to a Device.

The SMS Alerts option is available to all types of Dotcom-Monitor accounts, except a Free Trial account.