Ensuring Web Application Uptime

Premiere Global Services: Using Dotcom-Monitor® to Ensure Internet-based Application Uptime


Industry: On-demand business communication technologies

Business Challenge: Monitoring Internet-based applications worldwide in a cost-effective manner

Strategy: Use Dotcom-Monitor® ’s unified monitoring suite to provide monitoring and notifications for a wide variety of Internet applications



  • Monitoring and notifications for multiple Internet-based applications
  • Management of worldwide monitoring in a cost-effective unified package
  • Flexible notification scheduling, multiple alert options, and varying alert escalation processes for multiple worldwide teams


Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Premiere Global Services, Inc. (www.premiereglobal.com) provides on-demand applied communication technologies that help businesses automate and improve their

business processes. Premiere Global (PGi) has over 2,700 employees in 24 countries with major offices in London, Tokyo, Sydney, Hong Kong, Paris, Frankfurt, New York, and Chicago. The company has an established customer base of over 50,000 companies, including approximately 97% of the Fortune 100™ and reported revenues in 2008 of $624M. Its suite of applied communication technologies include audio and Web conferencing tools, electronic faxing and document workflow solutions, notifications services and email marketing products.

As an applied communications company, PGi’s Internet-based application uptime is critical to its business. And with its large scale and customer focus, PGi is constantly looking for opportunities to further enhance customer satisfaction.

Due to the broad sweep of the company’s online service offerings, PGi needs monitoring that is comprehensive enough to maintain a unified view of a wide variety of applications, but is also cost- effective. “PGi is running almost every kind of Internet application you can think of,” noted Venkat Pakeeru, Vice President, Systems and Network Engineering, Premiere Global Services, Inc

Externally-based Uptime Monitoring

“Dotcom-Monitor® ’s unified suite of uptime and performance monitoring tools serves PGi’s needs well” said Pakeeru. “And the externally-based monitoring gives PGi an outside set of eyes and ears watching the customer’s experience from a third-party viewpoint that we can use to ensure optimal uptime.”

PGi uses Dotcom-Monitor to conduct hundreds of monitoring tasks on hundreds of monitored targets,including DNS servers, gateways, email servers, forms, ftp servers, blogs, event Websites, a load balancer, and Website transactions. “If our communication services are not externally available to the customer, they’re of no use. They’re not generating revenue, or serving the customer’s need,” Peekeru said.

Due to its worldwide reach, PGi takes full advantage of Dotcom-Monitor® ’s worldwide monitoring agents. Based on the mission-critical nature of uptime for its Internet-based applications, PGi monitoring frequencies are set at a high frequency range, averaging 3-minute intervals.


Alerts and Group Escalations

The unified structure of Dotcom-Monitor® ’s suite is important to PGi because it provides a single administrative view and schedule for a wide variety of monitored applications and group updates in a cost-effective package. “With Dotcom-Monitor, PGi has been able to expand the types of monitoring we conduct all in a single interface, while maintaining lower costs,” said Pakeeru.

PGi uses Dotcom-Monitor for multiple group messages and alerts, which are set up for critical teams, including: development, Website administrators, manager reports, country team groups, and network engineering groups. The notifications are primarily via email and email messages to mobile devices.

Dotcom-Monitor’s group notifications provided Pakeeru with the ability to manage multiple notification groups with different needs and in different locations. “Some of the notifications are simply for high-level reports, others are tied to addressing immediate technical issues that arise,” said Pekeeru. The groups are also set up using the Scheduling functionality that ensures the notifications are occurring when needed for each group.


A Unified View of Monitoring and New Monitoring Tools

As Dotcom-Monitor has added new monitoring services into the suite, PGi has been able to add and remove monitoring services that they need, as they need them. “We view Dotcom-Monitor’s new developments as opportunities to monitor in ways that further enhance customer service,” noted Pakeeru.

For PGi, the constant evolution of monitoring applications and services makes it more cost-effective to use Dotcom-Monitor®  rather than internally developing and maintaining monitoring services. As the monitoring environment evolves, Dotcom-Monitor continues to add innovative applications and services, including IPv6 monitoring, a Dynamic Value Macro Recorder, SIP Monitoring for VoIP services, and API monitoring.

Pakeeru notes that Dotcom-Monitor’s new services are carefully reviewed to determine a potential fit for improving services to PGi’s customers. “As we continue to identify opportunities to provide new services and higher levels of service, we need new and better ways to monitor and react. Eventually, the various SLAs all blend into an overriding “serve the customer” requirement,” Pakeeru said.

As PGi reviews new developments in its own Internet-based service application offerings that include cloud computing and new Service Level Agreements (SLAs), the need for monitoring will grow, noted Pakeeru. “It is important to put controls around SLAs, and in the cloud environment applications run differently and there is less control. Our externally-based monitoring will increase and be more and more important in the future,” said Pakeeru.