Website Monitoring Documents Web Host Issues

How Website Monitoring Saved an Online Auto Parts Retailer PROBLEM: Customers complaining about site outages and slow site response times. Hosting company claiming that the problems had been resolved. Customers remaining dissatisfied. METHODOLOGY: External website monitoring on a page-by-page basis at one-minute intervals pinpointed the problems. SOLUTIONS: Realigning shared hosting, fixing database indexing, DNS server upgrade, altering the web host’s BGP configuration and regular website monitoring. THE STORY: Once seen as an alternative marketing channel, online shopping has carved its own niche in the marketplace. The online shopping sector has grown rapidly, outstripping other sectors and opening new business prospects. Read more

Independent Website Uptime Verification

Release to Production Incorporates Independent Website Uptime Verification  using Dotcom-Monitor   Summary   Industry: Managed hosting Business Challenge: How to prove 100 percent availability and keep a unique brand promise Strategy: Using Dotcom-Monitor, provide clients with independent performance data that measures availability from a user’s perspective   Results: Achievement of a higher standard of accountability Higher client satisfaction Increased client loyalty   When it comes to dedication, Seattle-based Release to Production (R2P Networks) is a loyal to its clients as a dog is to its owner. For most network-hosting solutions, five-nines reliability is good enough, but R2P Networks goes the Read more

Web Performance Monitoring

eXelate Observes Online Ecosystem Performance with Dotcom-Monitor™ Summary  Industry: Online advertising Business Challenge: Ensuring online availability and accessibility of advertising content from third parties Strategy: Deploy Dotcom-Monitor for performance monitoring and notification Results: Improved availability and reliability Faster problem resolution Enhanced ecosystem management for greater performance and profitability In the world of online advertising, behavioral targeting is fast becoming one of the more popular methods to increase the effectiveness of online campaigns. Behavioral targeting uses nonpersonally identifiable information collected on an individual’s web-browsing behavior to select which advertisements to display to that individual. For example, someone who visits a website Read more

Ensuring Web Application Uptime

Premiere Global Services: Using Dotcom-Monitor® to Ensure Internet-based Application Uptime Summary Industry: On-demand business communication technologies Business Challenge: Monitoring Internet-based applications worldwide in a cost-effective manner Strategy: Use Dotcom-Monitor® ’s unified monitoring suite to provide monitoring and notifications for a wide variety of Internet applications   Results: Monitoring and notifications for multiple Internet-based applications Management of worldwide monitoring in a cost-effective unified package Flexible notification scheduling, multiple alert options, and varying alert escalation processes for multiple worldwide teams   Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Premiere Global Services, Inc. ( provides on-demand applied communication technologies that help businesses automate and improve their Read more

External Content Delivery Network Monitoring

  Interactive Agencies:  Monitoring CDNs to Enhance “Client Experience”  Many interactive agencies seek to improve their “client experience” by constantly improving the “user’s experience” of their clients’ websites. One way that interactive agencies increasingly do this is to use Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) for faster delivery of the online content they have developed for clients. The use of CDNs allows interactive agencies to position online media, such that client website and web applications load faster for a better user experience, and improved website “results” , such as – impressions, conversions, and online sales. However, use of CDNs is not without Read more