Advanced Settings: Configuration behind Proxy

This short guide addresses the question of using proxy for EveryStep Scripting tool: Open Computer Management located at “Control Panel”>”Administrative Tools” Navigate “Local Users and Groups” > “Users” Set password for the user “EverystepScripting” Log out from current windows session Log in to windows with username “EverystepScripting” and password, specified at step 3. Now You can either open Everystep Scripting Tool and edit Proxy settings directly through internal menu as shown on the picture below Or run internet Explorer and specify proxy settings there   In case your proxy requires authentication, create file “EveryStep Scripting Tool.exe.config” with the following code Read more

Advanced Settings: Miscelaneous

In the EveryStep Scripting Tool you can access the advanced settings by clicking the wrench in the upper right hand of the window. When you change advanced settings, the change will not go into effect until you begin recording a new script. On the Miscelaneous tab of advanced settings there are two options: “Disable automatic launch Assert Dialog After page navigated” will stop the Keyword Validation window from automatically popping up every time you load a new URL. “Don’t show Edit Script dialog on separate window”  will disable showing of separate window when you apply any available script edit tools:

Advanced Settings: Internet Explorer

The scripting tools allows you to adjust compatibility modes in the Advanced settings: Default Browser Mode: defines the “user-agent” string in HTTP requests. Default Document Type: You can select which version of IE will be emulated. This replaces the values of the “X-UA-Compatible” field for all incoming HTTP headers in this emulation. Please read the appropriate Microsoft Article for more in depth details. Scrolling, picture matching, mousemove and other operations can be recorded by the RIA tools.