Record Results: Network Errors

The Network Errors tab provides a summary for all network errors detected during the script playback. Playback of a script often reveals several unreachable URLs and the Everystep Scripting tool will suggest to Ignore such problem URLs During Monitoring. If the playback reveals objects which are unreachable (such as a 500 internal server error, a 404 not found, etc…) you can select them using check-boxes to filter out those elements, so they don’t affect script playback. This operation performs the same action as adding a filter for those objects manually, using the Network Filter option. NetworkFilter.Deny (““); Network Filter option.  

Record Results: Summary

Save Device – name and upload monitoring script to dotcom-monitor account. Send To Support – this will submit ticket to support department with attached script for fast and deep analysis. Continue Recording – continue recording starting from the latest step in the preloaded monitoring script