Record Results: Network Errors

The Network Errors tab provides a summary for all network errors detected during the script playback.  Playback of a script can reveal unreachable URLs. In such cases the EveryStep Web Recorder will suggest to ignore such problem URLs during monitoring.  If the playback reveals objects which are unreachable, such as an HTTP status code 500 Internal Server Error or a 404 Not Found response, you can select the errors using the related check-box and choose to filter out those elements by selecting the Ignore button.  Doing so will filter out the error(s) so they don’t affect the playback of the script. This operation performs the same action as adding a filter for those objects manually, using the Network Filter option. Example:  NetworkFilter.Deny (““);

Record Results: Summary

  Once you have finished recording or editing your script, you will be prompted to replay the script to allow the EveryStep Web Recorder to verify the script will run error-free.  To do this select the Play Now button on the Save Script dialog box.  Once the EveryStep Web Recorder has finished replaying the script, you will see any errors displayed in the script work area at the bottom of the EveryStep Web Recorder screen. Any errors will be separated into one of two categories: Script Errors or Network Errors.  By selecting the Playback Result button, you will be able to see a summary of your script.  By selecting the expand arrow to the left of any step in your script, you can look deeper at Read more