How Filters Work

Glossary:  Filters Configuring a Filter Filtering is based on the following adjustable Conditions: Number of monitoring Agent locations reporting an Error Duration of a period during which an Error is reported Number of failed Tasks State of an Owner Device Specific type of Error, or Error code Each new response is verified through a Filter in the following sequence: Error Code Check – compares a received error code (ex. HTTP “404 NOT FOUND”) with a list of Ignored Errors that are specified in a Filter Task Number Check – verifies if the number of failed tasks is above, or equals, the number of tasks that are specified in a Filter Monitoring Agent Read more

Configuring a Filter

Glossary:  Filters Under the configure option in the top menu navigation, select Filters.  From here you can chose to edit or delete an existing filter under the Actions column or click the Add New Response Filter.  Adding or editing a response filter displays the following fields: Name:  Be sure to specify a descriptive filter name so that you can identify the filter later in a dropdown list of other filters. Description: Add additional explanations for what this filter is intended to accomplish. Ignore an Error if the following error conditions apply:  You can specify multiple filters to help eliminate false positives and Read more