Create/Edit a Group

Glossary: Groups Creating a Notification Group:   Name Specify a descriptive name that is recognizable in a dropdown when assigning groups to alerts and reports. Schedule A schedule determines when groups will receive alerts regarding device errors. Addresses Address Type The drop down lists different notification methods including: Template You can select different templates with specific information for different groups. Address Detail The label defaults to “New Email” and changed based upon which address type is selected above.  The form changes the input fields and the content validation based upon type of address selected. The following video tutorial will walk you through Read more

Assigning a Group to a Scheduled Report

To assign a Group to a Scheduled Report, first open the specific “Device– Edit” page by going to the Device> click the “actions” drop-down> and click “Edit”   Then, on the “Device- Edit” page scroll down to “Reporting Options” (see example below, top green bar): Select the Report period(s) (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) by clicking the corresponding check box for each type of Scheduled Report, including: Text Summary Reports, Excel Summary Reports, PDF Executive Summary Reports, PDF Summary by Task Reports. Then – if needed – for each selected report apply a specific “Filter”, “Schedule”, or  “E-mail for report” option Finally,  click the “Notification Group” drop-down for each Read more

Assigning a Group to a Global Report

First, you will have to have created a “Global Reports“. Then, go to the “Reports” drop down  >> select “Email Global Report” which will open up the Email Global Report page Then, in the Email Global Report page (below) create a new report by clicking “Add New Report” (green button below), which will take you to the Report Settings window In the Report Settings window (below) choose the Group that you want the Global Report to be delivered to (example below, “1st notification group”)