Record Video on Each Run

Device Type: BrowseView Platform, UserView Platform Record Video on Each Run will record a video capture for every single monitoring session.  If this option is not turned on the task will only record a video on the first session that errors.

Simulate a Return Visitor

Device Type: BrowseView Platform, UserView Platform If you want to see how a webpage performs for a frequent visitor or someone who already has elements from the page cached, you can turn on the return visitor flag on the task edit screen. Simulate a Return Visitor immediately revisits the webpage a second time and only records the results of the second visit. Results may differ from a first visit (which always starts with an empty cache) based upon how the browser handles things like the expiry of elements on the page.

Add / Edit a BrowserView Device

Glossary: BrowserView To add a new BrowserView Device, From the Device Manager, click the  button on the upper right hand of the screen.  Select the type of BrowserView device you wish to create. Next you will be prompted to adjust the following settings: Name:  Enter a descriptive name to help later identify this device amongst a list of other devices. Frequency:  Select a frequency at which the device will repeat the monitoring tasks. Postponed:  Selecting Postponed will suspend monitoring of the device.  Existing data will not be affected, but new data will not be recorded until you have deselected the Postponed option. Owner Device:  Specify an existing device upon which Read more

BrowserView Platform

  Web Page Speed – Detailed Diagnostics & Report BrowserView Monitoring continually checks overall webpage performance and load times using Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or mobile browser engines from monitoring agents worldwide on a consistent monitoring frequency and sends alerts when errors are identified. Working with BrowserView Creating a BrowserView Device Setting Up A BrowserView Task Working with BrowserView in the API BrowserView Reports Mobile Browser Emulation How does BrowserView Work  When creating a BrowserView Device, first select which browser  will conduct the monitoring of the website – a single type of browser (ex. IE) can be used, or individual instances Read more

Setting up a BrowserView Task

Glossary: BrowserView Platform How to create devices and tasks Add / Edit a BrowserView Device Add a New Task to an Existing Device Create/Edit a single Device with a single task Create/Edit several Tasks within a single Device Creating a Browserview Task At the main user page click on the “Add new Monitoring Device” Button Scroll to the BrowserView Monitoring and click on the browser type you wish to monitor with: Adjust device settings Configure task settings During task configuration you will be prompted to adjust these basic settings: Task Name Provide a descriptive name for the task so that you would be able to Read more

Mobile Browser Emulation

As the wave of global web traffic accessed by mobile devices is surging, Dotcom-Monitor has added mobile browser-emulation support for mobile products to the BrowserView platform. Among them: