Types of Dashboards Available

There are a number of different dashboards available in your Dotcom-Monitor account. You can access the dashboards by clicking Configure in the top menu navigation and selecting dashboards.  This will take you to the  Dashboard Manager. From here you can create the following Dashboards:   The Dashboard Panels allow you to display: Response Time Charts of devices and tasks for the past few hours Event Feeds that display events or changes to your devices a Pixel Status chart- displaying each device status as a colored pixel like a stoplight. The status report Card displays device responses from each selected location Read more

Dashboard Manager

  A dashboard is a web page used to visualize current or recent data about your monitored devices. To view longer term historical data you can set up custom reports. Once you have created a dashboard you will want to save or bookmark the unique URL, as you can then open the dashboard from anywhere without having to log in to the system.  Thus, you could share the URL with other individuals that need access to the dashboard without giving them access to edit anything in the system. There are two types of dashboards: panels and report cards.  A panel is designed to show Read more

Dashboard Tutorial

The following video contains a walk-through of the dashboard manager and the Dashboard editor.  For more information about how to use the dashboards see the dashboard section of the Knowledge Base.

Dashboard Panel Editor

When you open the dashboard panel editor a “Getting Started” menu will pop up prompting you to either create a new Panel or open an existing panel.  Creating a new panel will prompt you to name the panel, give it a description, and set the panel width to fluid or a fixed width of your choice.   Setting Panel Width Fluid Panels will size to the users current screen and Widgets will flow to fit the Panel size. Fixed Panels have a pre-defined, constant width. Fixed Panels are useful if you plan to display them in a multiple monitor environment Read more

Performance Report Card Charts

Glossary: Performance Report Cards   Performance Report Card Charts display a visual representation of the performance of the selected device over different periods of time.  There are three types of performance report card charts available: Uptime Device Average Response Time Task Average Response Time The type of chart (Uptime or response time) as well as the periods displayed can be changed by editing the Performance Report Card.

Drill-Down Detail Performance Report Card

From a performance report card, you can click on a device or site name to view additional details. The drilldown page will change depending upon which periods and aggregate options you have selected in the report setup. If you chose to aggregate the data by both the percentage uptime and the average response time, the percent uptime will display on the left as both a green bar chart as well as a numerical percent.  The average response time will display in the right hand column as a decimal. Each period selected will display as a distinct row on the drilldown Read more

Dashboard Performance Report Cards

Website monitoring Dashboard Reports (aka Performance Report Cards) provide a live-feed reports of a monitored Device, or a group of Devices. A  Dashboard Report can be accessed from outside of the Dotcom-Monitor service via a unique URL. A Dashboard Report provides a summary of the Device(s), the current status of the Device(s), as well as the historical statistics of the Device(s) performance and uptime. Security: Website Monitoring Report Cards unique URLS are secured by several means (discussed below), and unless specifically exposed by the service owner, are unavailable to the general public. In order to make Dashboard Reports accessible from outside of the Dotcom-Monitor Read more