Setting up Global Reports

Glossary: Global Reports Global reports can be accessed by navigating to the reports section of the navigation at the top of the page. When adding or editing a report you will be prompted to adjust the following settings:: Report Name: Specify a unique identifiable report name that will appear in the header of the report as well as in the Global Report list. Status: Select whether this report will include Active or Postponed devices. Report type: Select one of three report types:                Overall Summary: is focused on overall device statistics, such as: Downtime Periods, Uptime by devices,Response time by devices in Seconds, Number of Successes Read more

View Report History

Glossary:  Reports   Under the Reports menu in the navigation at the top of the website, clicking Report History returns a search page where you can search and view a list of all reports generated within the specified timeframe. Clicking the action button next to a report allows you to view additional details about the report as well as download, email or share the report with others using a unique GUID based url. Additional information displayed on the Report Detail screen include whether the report was shared via the unique URL, what email addresses the report was sent to and a Read more

Using the XML Reporting Service (XRS)

Glossary: XML Feed The XML Reporting Service (XRS) provides access to real-time data via HTTP requests.  By sending a properly formatted http get request to with valid parameters, you will receive an xml document with the requested data.  You can work with the data from the xml document however you need.  Possibilities include importing the data into another system or dashboard. The maximum number of requests to The XML Report Service is 1 every 10 seconds. If you submit more than one request within 10 seconds, the service returns an XML Document with the next allowed request time as follows: <error> You Read more