Applying a Schedule to a Group

Open Group List by going to the main menu bar, click the “Configure” drop-down, point on the “Alerts” and click “Group” Open Group edit page by clicking the corresponding name or clicking “Edit” from the “actions” drop-down menu. Click the “Schedule” drop-down, under a Group name to select the specific Schedule. Finish Group Editing and apply changes by clicking  button at the bottom of the page.

Applying a Monitoring Schedule to a Device

Applying a monitoring schedule to a device can automatically postpone device monitoring for a specified time period, or other way, enable monitoring for a specified period. For example, if you have scheduled website maintenance every Saturday between 5 am and 8 am., you can create a Schedule called “Sat. 5-8 am exclusion”, to postpone monitoring during that time period. The you can assign that schedule to your website Device. To assign a Schedule to a Device, first open the specific “Device – Edit” page by going to the Device > click the “actions” drop-down > and click “Edit” Then, on the “Device Read more

Add / Edit a Schedule

Glossary: Schedules To add or edit a schedule, in the top navigation menu go to “Configure” and click Schedules. From the list of schedules you can add a new schedule, edit or remove an existing schedule. Choosing to add or edit a schedule will prompt you to adjust the following settings: View a video walkthrough on editing a schedule or continue below to learn more. Week Day Intervals When you add day/time ranges to a schedule, they are listed under week day intervals.  You can delete existing ranges by clicking the delete button. Name Enter a descriptive name that you can easily identify later among a list of Read more