Viewing Data from the XML feed in Microsoft Excel

If you wish to view data from an XML feed in a nicely formatted excel spreadsheet, follow these steps. Identify the data you wish to see in the feed by specifying the variables necessary in the url.  You can learn more about the available options here: The url to your xml feed should look something like this example:* When you enter the url into a browser and receive results, right click on the results and save it as an xml file like ‘filename.xml’. Next, open up a new excel instance. From within excel select open and select the file you Read more

Using the XML Reporting Service (XRS)

Glossary: XML Feed The XML Reporting Service (XRS) provides access to real-time data via HTTP requests.  By sending a properly formatted http get request to with valid parameters, you will receive an xml document with the requested data.  You can work with the data from the xml document however you need.  Possibilities include importing the data into another system or dashboard. The maximum number of requests to The XML Report Service is 1 every 10 seconds. If you submit more than one request within 10 seconds, the service returns an XML Document with the next allowed request time as follows: <error> You Read more


The XML Report Service (XRS) is a real-time reporting framework for feeding monitoring information. The XML feed delivers monitored Device information for web applications and websites in a custom format. Use-case examples include: an ISP providing independent uptime, performance and up-to-minute status of their services to their customers via a web site; or a Data Center integrating monitoring data with their internal applications. The XRS service is free. Related Articles