Create/Edit a single Device with a single task

A device is a collection of one or more related tasks to be performed in sequence on a set schedule.  All tasks within a device are included in the alerting and reporting communications, so that if any single task within a device errors, the alerts and reports will reflect the error.

Unless tasks are closely related, we recommend you create one task per device.  This will ensure that each task runs independently and does not have to wait for a previous task to complete before it starts.  This will also ensure that alerts are triggered in a timely manor.  If there are multiple tasks in a device, all tasks must be run before an alert will be triggered.

There are several steps involved in creating a new device.

From the main device manager page, click the button to add a new monitoring device.


Now you will select the type of monitor you wish the first task to perform.

2_ select device

At the next step you’ll be prompted to configure device settings and then
  1. Using Wizard
  2. Adding a Device manually
  3. Using EveryStep Scripting Tool

Devices can be managed using Actions, including:

  • Add Task: Add a new monitoring Task to the Device
  • Postpone: Stop monitoring the Device and all its Tasks
  • Edit: Opens the page for editing the Device
  • Clone: Create a copy of the Device
  • Delete: Deletes the Device and all its Tasks
  • Report: Configure and Generate Online Reports for the Device
  • SLA: Configure and Generate a Service Level Agreement (SLA) Report for the Device
  • Alert Silence: Disable Alerts for the Device for 10, 30, 60, or 180 minutes

Multiple Device operations can be managed by selecting Devices and then pressing actions button, located in the header of the Device list.