Device Manager

The device manager provides an overview of all devices configured on your account.  You can see at a glance the number of tasks under a device, the status of the device, the frequency of monitoring on each device and the timestamp the device was last monitored.  You can also quickly perform several actions relating to devices and tasks including enabling, postponing and silencing a device as well as cloning a device or task, deleting a device or task and running a status report or an SLA report.



Find a Device: In the search menu in the upper left of the device manager, begin typing the name of a device you are looking for to filter the device list below.  You will need to expand the platforms using the arrows on the left in order to see the list shrink as the filter is applied.  Note that it is important to give your devices a very specific name so that you can easily find them later.

Add New Monitoring Device:  Click the add new monitoring device button to begin the process of adding a new device.

New Device Wizard:  The magic wand to the right of the “Add New Monitoring Device” button will pop out a simple device wizard.  This can be used to quickly set up a basic device with limited monitoring.  For many more advanced features you should use the “Add New Monitoring Device” button, or once you have created a basic device with the wizard you can find the device in the device list and click edit under the action menu to access the advanced settings.

Device Platforms:  Each device platform that you have access to can be expanded by clicking the >> arrows on the left of the platform header.  Depending on the type of packages you have purchased you may see a platform appear in the list more than once.  For example, in the picture above you can see ServerView appears twice, once for the Standard I package and once for the Ala Carte package.  To learn the difference between available packages please contact sales.