EveryStep: Internet Explorer

The EveryStep Scripting Tool utilizes the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE) installed on your machine to record and play back scripts, however the compatibility mode is always turned on, so you must make sure that the version selected in compatibility mode is compatible with the functionality of the pages you are monitoring.  You can Adjust the compatability settings in the advanced settings in the upper right hand corner of the Everystep window.

Every time you record a script or play back a script, EveryStep first clears your browser history including cookies, page cache and images. Therefore, we recommend running the EveryStep Scripting Tool using Windows secondary logon service.   If you do not run the scripting tool under a separate user account, it is recommended that you do not use Internet Explorer while EveryStep is running because they could interfere with each other.  If you need to use a browser while EveryStep is running, we recommend using an alternative browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.