Keyword/Text Validation

Keyword or text validation allows you to specify keywords to be verified on a page each time the page is loaded. Keywords are available in several different kinds of monitoring tasks, including server uptime, web performance, and web application monitoring tasks.

Keyword validation allows you to specify one keyword phrase per line. A keyword phrase consists of one or more words in the same format as they appear on the page. You cannot include multiple keywords from different locations on a website in a keyword phrase. 

Keyword validation is used to help verify that not only is the server responding to a request but that it is serving up the proper data.

Keyword Validation in the EveryStep Web Recorder

Content Validation is a function of the EveryStep Web Recorder specific to web application monitoring tasks. Keyword validation is used within a website monitoring script to ensure that the expected keywords appear on the specified webpage.

For more information on how to use Keyword Validation in the EveryStep Web Recorder, please visit the following: