Keyboard + Mouse

RIA Recording tools are used to perform and record various actions over Rich Internet Application into UserView script.


The “Key+Mouse” button enables tracking of mouse movements, mouse-wheel scrolls, and keyboard actions.

To record mouse movements you must press and hold the left mouse button then move the mouse to the desired location.  The green cursor below will appear at the cursor location and move with your cursor. When you release the mouse button the the cursor will remain at the current location until you click or hold the left mouse button again.


All movements are reflected in a script as a sequence of coordinates like this:

"tab0.MouseMove (new int[14, 2] { {1,-21}, {-34,-79}, {-22,-33}, {-16,-17}, {1,-15}, {120,-33}, {63,-23}, {11,-7}, {15,-9}, {8,-3}, {2,-1}, {6,4}, {-57,-1}, {-10,0}});"

Clicks also tied to a resolution grid and reflected as coordinates:

tab0.Click (-212, 4);

For content using Flash, Silverlight, Java, Flex, Ajax, Shockwave, ActiveX and other modern technologies the “Key+Mouse” option allows hovering over page elements, selecting automatic menu items, filling out forms and much more.