RIA Picture Validation


Glossary: RIA Picture

RIA Picture Content Validation is a function available from the left-hand menu of the EveryStep Script Editor under Content Validation.

Pressing the “RIA Picture” button allows you to click and drag your mouse cursor to select an area of the page. This creates an image of the selected area that is stored for later verification during monitoring.  You can view images captured this way by clicking on the “Picture List” tab in the bottom frame of the EveryStep Scripting tool under the “Picture List” tab.


If the image you have selected is similar to another image or section of the page, you may be prompted to refine your image selection.

Each Picture Validation counts as a separate step and increases the overall script complexity and price. For details on how steps are identified and priced, please visit the UserView Pricing page.

A video demonstration of RIA capabilities and the recording process is available in the “How To: Recording an RIA Script” video.