Similar to Time Watcher, Network Watcher allows to measure load time of a network elements during execution of a certain range of steps within a monitoring script , grouped by type (set a mask, like *.png, *.js etc.)

Select line (step), after which Network Watcher should start measures => Right Click => Add Network Watcher


Adjust Watcher Properties


Network Watcher Type defines how to apply threshold value.

– Sum – apply threshold to the sum of load times of all requests.
– Average – apply threshold to the arithmetic average of all requests.
– Each – apply threshold to each request.

Select line, after which measurement must be stopped => Close Watcher => Choose name of watcher to close.



Let’s assume we have online store which relies on CDN where some of portal images are placed. We wanna measure is this particular CND satisfies our claims to a speed of load.

All we need is to add Network watcher configured to measure load time of images for this CND.

Image URLs has next format:

In this case URL mask for Watcher have to be: