Using Keyword Validation

Glossary:  Keyword Text Validation

Keyword Validation is a feature of the EveryStep Web Recorder.  Checking for a keyword is not a necessary component of creating a script, however, it is highly recommended that you check for at least one keyword to verify that the content on your page has loaded and has rendered successfully.

Keyword validation may be added two different ways:

Keyword validation is available by selecting the Keyword button from the left-hand navigation area of the EveryStep recording window. This will open the Keyword Validation dialog box.

You can populate the Keyword Validation dialog box with any single word.

You may specify multiple words, but only in the exact order they appear.

If you wish to specify multiple keywords that are not in sequence, you should specify each keyword in a separate Keyword Validation dialog box. The Keyword Validation dialog box does not accept comma separated or semi-colon delimited lists of keywords.

Keyword validation adds a line to the script that asserts the specified keyword exists somewhere on the currently loaded web page.

Note: The script looks for the exact case and punctuation that you enter. If you are looking for a word that begins with a capital letter you must be sure to use the proper case when specifying the keyword.

If you try to add a keyword and the script returns an error stating that the keyword does not exist, make sure that you have entered the text exactly as it appears on the page and that you have not accidentally added a space or pressed enter at the end.  If this occurs, a line break will be added to the end of the keyword.

You can also add a keyword for Keyword Validation by selecting a word on the page and then right-clicking (alternate click) the word. This will open the Keyword Validation dialog box and automatically populate it with the word you have selected.