Setting Up and Editing Monitoring Agent Locations

Setting up monitoring agents is an important part of device set-up.

Depending on your monitoring goals you can choose from a list of available agents.

List of activated agents can be changed any time by editing device settings.

If you wish to edit the locations of multiple devices at once, read the entry for Editing Locations for Multiple Devices.

To Edit the locations for an existing device, from the Device Manager, Click “Actions” >> “Edit” next to the device you wish to edit.

Scroll down to the “Monitoring Locations” section and select agents you need


The number of monitoring agents involved in monitoring defines the degree of accuracy of the monitor.

Having just one monitoring location can result in false alerting due to potential internal agent issues or network issues unrelated to the particular monitored device.


Monitor from at least five monitoring Agent locations. This provides a more complete snapshot of network, server, webpage, and web application conditions if performance issues are detected. It also helps prevent false alerts due to network issues.

All monitoring agents are grouped by a geographic positioning; America, Europe and Middle East, Asia, Australia, Africa.

If you have Private agents installed they will be listed in their own section under “Private agents” block.

We also have several premium locations*:

– Buenos Aires, Argentina
– Sydney, AU
– Amazon, Japan
– South Africa

* Please contact the sales department to enable premium locations. There is an additional cost to utilize the premium locations based upon a significant increase in bandwidth costs in those geographies.

The Shanghai (China) monitoring agent, is located behind the Great Firewall of China, administered directly by the chinese government. The filtering rules are not public and can be modified quite frequently, which in turn can affect monitoring results dramatically.