A monitoring Task is the active monitoring of a specific target.

Targets that can have monitoring Tasks include:

  • a specific URL,
  • a Mail server, FTP server, web server etc…
  • In the Userview terminology – a single “step” in a multiple-step monitoring sequence (such as 5-steps online shopping cart process).
  • In the MetricsView terminology task represents single “Permanence Counter” or single “SNMP Counter“.

There are two fundamental ways to set up monitoring Tasks:

  • Setting up single Tasks using the Set-up Wizard or the Task Edit/Create interface
  • Setting up sequences of Tasks using the EveryStep Scripting Tool

The exact process for setting up a single monitoring Task varies depending on the type of Task and the Monitoring Platform used.

Monitoring Tasks within a Device execute sequentially in the order in which they are set up. The monitoring by Tasks in separate Devices occurs independently of other Devices.