How to create devices and tasks

Creating a task

Once you have created a device and are adding or editing an SMTP-POP3 task, you will be prompted to adjust the following settings.

Email Address

Enter the destination email address.

Completion Timeout (in seconds)

Enter the number of seconds the task should wait for a response from the web page before ending the task and returning an error. If this is left blank the default timeout for a task is 120 seconds.

Incoming Server

Target mail Server: Select the protocol type you wish to test, POP3, or IMAP ver. 4.1, protocols.

Make sure your server supports the appropriate protocol type before you continue.

Incoming Server[:Port]: Enter the POP3/IMAP server address and port number. This could be the URL or the IP address.

Incoming Server User Name:Enter a username  for POP3/IMAP authentication.

Incoming Server Password:Enter a password for POP3/IMAP authentication.

Email Timeout: Specify timeout time in minutes.

Dotcom-Monitor waits for the delivery of a test letter for up to 1 hour. No further tasks will be launched until the previous tests end. This can significantly affect the frequency of monitoring. Therefore, setting a Maximum timeout (in minutes) to receive a test message is highly recommended.

Secure connection (SSL): When enabled – POP3/IMAP over SSL will be requested.

Outgoing Server

SMTP Server[:Port]: Enter the SMTP server address and port number.  This could be the URL or the IP address.
Your SMTP server might not require authorization, but if it does you will need to fill in credentials.

SMTP User name: Enter a username for SMTP authentication.

SMTP Password: Enter a password for SMTP authentication.

Secure connection (SSL): When enabled – SMTP over SSL will be requested.

DNS Options

The DNS Options feature allows users to choose how domain name server (DNS) requests are conducted during a monitoring task.

To specify the mode of resolving hostnames, in the DNS Resolve Mode section, select one of the available modes. For more details on the feature configuration, see DNS Mode Options.

The Custom DNS Hosts section contains the mappings of IP addresses to hostnames.

To specify the mapping, enter the IP address and the host name in the corresponding fields.


SMTP servers will often only accept connections from a specific list of hosts. So, in order to allow monitoring to proceed without obstacles, Dotcom-Monitor® monitoring agents should be white-listed in a firewall.