The Comments function allows users to post notes to monitoring devices and associate these with certain monitoring responses. When a comment is created, it can be assigned to one or more monitoring devices for a specific date/time range. When a report for a monitoring device is created, the comments will appear for the specified reporting period.

Comments can be used to:

  • Keep a record of causes of certain outages
  • Mark planned outages
  • Add an explanation to certain error conditions
  • Add any additional information for a specified monitoring device for any specified period of time

Comments can be public or private. If a comment is marked as private, it will not be displayed on Dashboards, however it does appear in e-mail and online reports.

How to Use

Comments are assignable to monitoring devices. To create a new comment, on the navigation bar select Configure, and click Comment Log. This will bring up a list of all previous comments if any.

Click on the Add Comment button to create a new comment.

The “New Comment” option offers fields for:

  • Comment title
  • Description
  • Start date and time
  • End date and time
  • Private (checkbox)

Once the Comment fields have been populated, the comment can be assigned to any or all of the available monitoring devices.

To review existing comments, click on “Comments” in the navigation bar. This will bring up a list of all previous comments. Dotcom-Monitor allows comments to be filtered based on:

  • Start date and time
  • End date and time
  • Device
  • Public, private or all comments

Using the filters, Dotcom-Monitor generates a list of all comments fitting the criteria. Comments can be modified, edited or deleted at any time.


Download Guide-Adding-Comments.pdf copy if necessary.