Please contact technical support to enable access to the API from your IP addresses.

The Dotcom-Monitor API gives you a simple and structured way to access the powerful monitoring capabilities of Dotcom-Monitor services. This section assists software developers who want to develop applications by using Dotcom-Monitor monitoring tools. API enables developers to interact with Dotcom-Monitor web site programmatically via simple HTTP/HTTPS requests, thus they can manage almost each aspect of Dotcom-Monitor service functionality; create and remove devices and tasks, postpone and start them, create and manage Alert Groups filters and schedulers, obtain status information plus many other options.

To use this information, you should have access to an active Dotcom-Monitor account, and you should also be familiar with the following concepts:

  • Dotcom-Monitor Services
  • HTTP/HTTPS protocol
  • JSON data-interchange format.

Using the API:

  • Getting started section contains approach overview
  • Methods section contains interaction methods description and JSON object examples with detailed fields overview
  • Error Handling article contains description on how errors are being reflected.
  • Code Examples section has well-commented code patterns that developers can build on.