UserView based scripts can be created (recorded) only using special EveryStep Scripting Tool.

Task can be created using 2 methods:

PUT on the following URI : /tasks
POST on the following URI: /tasks?verb=PUT

PUT / POST Content Example (formatted) for a new ServerView based HTTP task:

“RequestType”: “GET”,
“Url”: “”,
“Keyword1”: “Entertainment”,
“FullPageDownload”: true,
“Download_Html”: true,
“Download_Frames”: true,
“Download_StyleSheets”: true,
“GetParams”: [{
“Name”: “variable”,
“Value”: “value”
“PostParams”: [],
“HeaderParams”: [],
“PrepareScript”: “”,
“Device_Id”: 8550,
“Task_Type_Id”: 1,
“Name”: “”,
“Timeout”: 0

Each Task type contains individual set of fields and values. You can find full list of attributes values and detailed here, as also table with list of values for Task_Type_Id.

Success Response Example: