A Device is an organizing “set” of monitoring, which contains either a sequence of monitoring Tasks, a single monitoring Task, a monitoring script that includes Tasks, or a combination of all three.

The Device defines monitoring settings, such as Frequency, monitoring Agent list, Reporting options, Alerting options, and other settings that are specific to different Platforms.

All Dotcom-Monitor platforms (ServerView Monitoring, UserView Monitoring, BrowserView Monitoring, LoadView Stress Testing, MetricsView Monitoring) use devices to organize and set-up monitoring of a Task, or Tasks.

The statistical data of all Tasks included in a Device is used to calculate the statistical data (such as Reports, charts, and graphs, etc.) of that Device. It is important to understand that summarized data in a report is based on measurements of all Tasks associated with a Device. Therefore, we recommend that you separate unrelated Tasks (for example,  an HTTP task, a SIP task, and a PING task) into separate Devices. This is because reports and alerts aren’t accurate when non-related Tasks are combined into a single Device. When Tasks are not closely related to each other it is recommended to only have one Task per Device.

Devices operate independently of each other. The fewer Tasks in a Device the faster the Alerts occur for that Device.