MetricsView Agent (aka, MV-Agent) is an application installed and run locally on your host, gathering statistical data and sending it to Dotcom-Monitor.

To download the application, go to the Tools section in the top navigation, and on the MetricsView Agent pan click Download. Once you have downloaded the agent run the installer on the machine you wish to use as your collector agent and follow recommendations of the installation wizard.

Once you have installed the agent you will need to run the Registrator from the Start menu (Dotcom-Monitor > MetricsView Agent Registrator).  You will be prompted to enter your Dotcom-Monitor username and password in order to attach this collector to your account. You will also need to copy and paste the Collector ID from your MetricsView Collectors list (Configure > MetricsView Collectors) into the MetricsView Agent Unique ID field.

This agent will be able to monitor any performance counters available on this machine, as well as any additional performance counters of other machines on this network that the service has access to.