Keywords are used to ensure that the expected content was loaded onto a web page.

Keyword: You can specify one or more words or phrases that you wish to search for in the web page content.  If the expected keywords are not found the task will return an error.

You can enter multiple strings into the keyword fields.  The values you enter can be separated by logical expressions as follows:
]} – keyword expression end;
{[ – keyword expression start;
() – grouping brackets;
& – logical AND;
| – logical OR;
! – logical NOT;
“string” – a keyword;

A successful Keyword expression must include the start and end brackets as follows:



tab0.KeywordAssert (“{[(\”keyword1\” & \”keyword2\”) & !\”keyword3\”]}”);

tab0.KeywordAssert (“{[\”keyword1\” & \”keyword2\”]}”);

tab0.KeywordAssert (“{[!\”keyword1\”]}”);