MetricsView uses collectors to gather performance counters or server statistics from devices and servers within your environment. A collector must be installed on a computer within your network and run as a user with sufficient permissions capable of gathering statistics from the machines you wish to monitor.

Hostname: The hostname is the name or IP address of the computer you wish to monitor.

Error Thresholds: Error thresholds define the numerical values which, when exceeded, will trigger alert states.

  • Aggregate : All received data will be aggregated on a regular basis, according to the adjusted device frequency.
    • Maximum – the highest value from array will be taken
    • Average – value is calculated as an average of all intermediate values
    • Minimum – the lowest value from array will be taken
  • Min threshold: Threshold exceeding will result alerting
  • Max threshold: Threshold exceeding will result alerting
  • Ignore Errors if counter is not available: Each time during “Agent” <–>”Server” interaction Agent asks if there any new counters for Agent to check. In case there are  instructions  to gather stats on new counters Agents starts to gather them. In case NO was selected each failure in Counters polling will be reflected as error in reports, in case YES was selected – failures will be ignored.