An Outlier is an observation that is numerically distant from the rest of the data set.

Under each response time chart there is a “Remove Outlier” edit box. Outliers can distort the presentation of data, therefore removing an Outlier can make a response chart more readable. The removal of an Outlier can also provide information on what “could be” if a performance goal “would be” reached.

outliersApplying the “Remove Outlier” option will hide all responses that fall outside of a range where:


For example, a device reports:

Number of Successes:4130

Number of Failures:0

Average Response Time(sec):3.362

Response Time STDDev: 1.9536

Downtime Percentage:0

All responses above 7.2692 and below -0.5452 will be removed from a chart if “Remove Outlier” is checked.