Packages are combinations of different monitoring tasks that provide a discount price versus the Ala-Cart pricing of each task independently. Packages are organized by platforms.

In the top navigation menu, in the Account dropdown, click Upgrade Plan to view your current packages and upgrade if necessary.

The packages page displays the number of tasks you have in each package, the most frequent monitoring frequency of the package and the name of the package for that combination of tasks and frequency.

On the right-hand side there is a summary of your monthly fees broken down by each monitoring platform.

Packages are broken down by two factors, the frequency of monitoring and the number of tasks in the package.

Package Levels:

  • Ala Carte Account
  • Level I – 10 tasks
  • Level II – 20 tasks
  • Level III – 50 tasks
  • Level IV – 100 tasks
  • Level V – 200 tasks
  • Level VI – 300 tasks

Package Frequencies:

  • Standard – 15 Minute Monitoring
  • Advanced – 10 Minute Monitoring
  • Premium – 5 Minute Monitoring
  • Gold – 3 Minute Monitoring
  • Platinum – 1 Minute Monitoring

For example, a package with 20 tasks at 10-minute monitoring would be an Advanced Level II package.

Below are the pricing matrixes for each Dotcom-Monitor platform.

  • ServerView Pricing Matrix

  • BrowserView Pricing Matrix

  • UserView Pricing Matrix

  • MetricsView Pricing Matrix

  • Stess Testing