Global reports can be accessed by navigating to the reports section of the navigation at the top of the page.


When adding or editing a report you will be prompted to adjust the following settings:

  • Report Name: Specify a unique identifiable report name that will appear in the header of the report as well as in the Global Report list.
  • Status: Select whether this report will include Active or Postponed devices.
  • Report type: Select one of three report types:

               Overall Summary: is focused on overall device statistics, such as Downtime Periods, Uptime by devices, Response time by devices in Seconds, Number of Successes and Failures Responses.

               Overall Summary by Task: is focused on tasks statistics, such as Number of Success and Failure responses, Response time, Resp. time STDev, Downtime and Uptime Percentage.

               Metrics Overall Report: Displays a timeline, a summary of statistics including average, minimum, and maximum OTR values and percentage of undefined and OTR.

  • Frequency: Select the frequency you wish to receive the report, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.
  • Report Format: specify the document format: PDF or XLSX.
  • Response Filter: Select a filter to filter out results based on it the specifications of the filter. (For example, a filter may contain a list of errors codes whiсh must be ignored).
  • Scheduler: Specify time periods to include or exclude in report calculations.
  • E-mail: Enter a delivery address for reports.
  • Group: Select an existing group to receive the report.
  • Devices: Specify which devices should be included in the report.