Global Report


 Open Global Reports page


Global Reports page contains all existing reports under an account
Click “Add New Report”



 Adjust settings


During configuration you’ll be prompted to adjust the following fields and settings:

Report Name field reflects the name of a Report. This name will appear in your Global Report list.

Status defines if reporting is active or paused. The state can always be changed from Global Reports page.

Report type dropdown menu gives a data type on which report will be focused on:

– Overall Summary is focused on overall device statistics, such as Downtime Periods, Uptime by devices, Response time by devices in Seconds, Number of Successes and Failures Responses.

– Overall Summary by Task is focused on task statistics, such as Number of Success and Failure responses, Response time, Resp. time STDev, Downtime and Uptime Percentage.

–  Metrics Overall Report is a special global report type for MetricsView Platform focused on its statistical information.

Frequency defines the duration of intervals between reporting.

Report Format specifies document formal. It can be PDF or XLSX.

Response Filter allows selecting filter which will pass through all statistical data and filter out results based on its settings. (For example, a filter may contain a list of errors codes whiсh must be ignored).

Scheduler gives an ability to exclude (or another way – allow only) specified time periods from (for) report calculations.

E-mail defines a delivery address for reports.

Group dropdown menu allows selecting any from existing groups to address reports to each address listed in a group.

Devices specifies if all or specific list of device should be reflected in a report.

Device Report


Open Device Settings page


Scroll down to the “Reporting Options” and adjust reports’ settings

Comprehensive Pop-up Hints tag will assist you through configuration.