While Stress and Load testing you can select geographical zones to start LI Servers and emulate virtual users. LI Servers can be instantiated from 13 geo zones.

The number of LI Servers and the number of virtual users on each LI Server will be calculated automatically based on the LoadView scenario, the number of zones and the calibration results if used. However, you can adjust the distribution of the LI servers and thus users between different zones. 

To test your website from more than one geo-zone, if necessary, on the Test Scenario page add additional zones:

  1. In the Zone Configuration section, click Add Zone, and select the necessary zone check boxes you need to add.
  2. If necessary, adjust virtual users allocation among zones using the sliders in zone rows. To fix the virtual user allocation for the particular zone, click the lock button in the zone line. 

For example, if the bulk of your visitors come from a particular region, you can set a higher percentage of the load to simulate from this zone.   

Also, each LoadView test will have one Reference Server  to measure reference test results for device state verification while testing.