Setting up a BrowserView Task

Glossary: BrowserView Platform

How to create devices and tasks

Creating a Browserview Task

  1. At the main user page click on the “Add new Monitoring Device” Button
  2. Scroll to the BrowserView Monitoring and click on the browser type you wish to monitor with:
  3. Adjust device settings
  4. Configure task settings
    During task configuration you will be prompted to adjust these basic settings:

Task Name

Provide a descriptive name for the task so that you would be able to identify the task later among a list of similar tasks.  For example, “ DNS”

Maximum Connection Timeout (in seconds)

Enter the number of seconds the task should wait for a response from the web page before aborting the task and returning an error.  If this is left blank the default timeout for a task is 120 seconds.


You can specify one or more words or phrases that you wish to search for in the web page content.  If the expected keywords are not found the task will return an error.

You can enter multiple strings into the keyword fields.  The values you enter can be separated by logical expressions as follows:
]} – keyword expression end;
{[ – keyword expression start;
() – grouping brackets;
& – logical AND;
| – logical OR;
! – logical NOT;
“string” – a keyword;

Ignore Certificates Errors

Allows you to disable the detection of any certificate issues.

Simulate a Return Visitor


If the webpage has a username and password field you can enter the values here.

User Password

The password will display as a protected field on screen.

Download Filter (Network Element)

Enable the network element filter and add a filter rule to ignore certain elements and not download them such as images, flash or css. You can use this to filter out elements that return an error.

For example, you could ignore files that end in .js, .css, .png


Or you could ignore files that contain google or jquery etc…


There are two types of rules:

– Ignore elements corresponding to the mask

– Download only the elements corresponded to the mask

Each “Download” and “Ignore” fields have 3 possible values:

  • Starting. Each referenced object which starts with this string will be filtered.
  • Containing.  Each referenced object which contains this string will be filtered.
  • Ending. Each referenced object which ends with this string will be filtered.
Before apply be sure that your root HTML element isn’t filtered.

Response Time Calculation (Network Times Only) 

Choose whether to process events such as rendering in a real browser, javascript execution, etc… in the total time to execute the task. Selecting download only is useful if you are interested in pure server response and download time of the page elements, and not in how long it takes an arbitrary end user machine to render the page.  Selecting this option differs from a ServerView task in that it still sends a browser agent of the type specified above- and the server may send a different response based upon the agent specified.

DNS Options are explained in detail in “DNS Mode Option” article.