Add / Edit a VoIP SIP Task

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Glossary: SIP Task

How to create devices and tasks

How to Edit a VoIP SIP Task

Once you have created a device and are adding or editing a SIP task, you will be prompted to adjust the following settings:


Target SIP Server[:Port] 

Domain address or an IP address of a PBX or VoIP Service provider.

User name

 This field contains your username (usually like “”) in a source domain.

Maximum Connection Timeout

(in seconds) Enter the number of seconds the task should wait for a response from the web page before aborting the task and returning an error.  If this is left blank the default timeout for a task is 120 seconds.


Specify whether the incoming server requires a secure connection using SSL or TLS.

Authorization Name

 Contains name used for an authentication session, it may match the username.


 Contains a password for SIP authentication if it is required.

Display Name

The name that will be displayed on the interface (according to RFC 3261)

Perform Register

 Registration process creates binding between caller ID (SIP URL like ““) and its address. Please see RFC 3261 paragraph 10 for more information.

Perform Call

 When enabled a call will be performed.


Contains the destination phone number. If the number is located in another domain (belongs to another PBX) you may have to specify a number (name) and domain name in the following format: number(name) Domains can be specified directly by their IP addresses.

Otherwise you can enter the number directly as 15554441234.

Expected Call Result

 This field contains the designation for an expected behavior of the called party.


SRTP is a security profile for RTP that adds confidentiality, message authentication, and replay protection to that protocol. It is specified in RFC 3711.
Note that you must at least perform a register or perform a call and you can perform both in the same task (as some systems may require you to register in order to perform a call).