Add / Edit an SMTP Task

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Glossary: SMTP task

How to create devices and tasks

How to Edit an SMTP Task

Once you have created a device and are adding or editing an SMTP task, you will be prompted to adjust the following settings:

During task configuration you will be prompted to adjust these basic settings:

Task Name: Provide a descriptive name for the task so that you would be able to identify the task later among a list of similar tasks.  For example, “ http full page load”

Maximum Connection Timeout (in seconds): Enter the number of seconds the task should wait for a response from the web page before aborting the task and returning an error.  If this is left blank the default timeout for a task is 120 seconds.

Server[:port]: Enter the SMTP server address and port number.  This could be the url or the ip address.

Login to Server

When disabled – Dotcom-Monitor® connects to the destination address and port and checks for a successful connection.

When enabled – the authentication procedure will perform the following steps:

  1. Requesting types of authorization supported by a server and searching those which we support, including:
    1. CRAM_MD5
    2. Login
    3. Plain
    4. Simple
    5. SSL/TLS
  2. If none of the methods have succeeded unencrypted, the socket is switched to SSL and repeats each method until a positive response is received (according to RFC 5034 on authentication mechanisms).

If any of the authorization methods succeed – the monitoring is successful. If not, the monitoring will report an




User Name:  Enter a username for POP3/IMAP authentication

Password:  Enter a password for POP3/IMAP authentication

SMTP Server requires a secure connection (SSL): When enabled – SMTP over SSL will be requested.

If you select SSL, please make sure there is correct port number in the “Server[:port]” field

DNS Options are explained in detail in “DNS Mode Option” article

SMTP servers are allowed to only accept connections from a specific list of hosts. So, in order to proceed with monitoring without obstacles, Dotcom-Monitor monitoring agents should be white-listed in a firewall.