EveryStep Scripting Tool

The EveryStep Scripting Tool™ is a free, downloadable program that automates the recording of a browser’s interactions with a website, or web application. The EveryStep scripts are used to set-up monitoring and load testing within Dotcom-Monitor (and can also be used on a local machine to automate quality assurance (QA) testing of web applications in development).

To download the EveryStep Scripting Tool log-in to your Dotcom-Monitor account, under the Downloads section at the top of the page select EveryStep Scripting Tool.

The EveryStep Scripting Tool is used to record scripts for:

  • UserView Monitoring: web application monitoring using a browser
  • UserView Monitoring-RIA: web application monitoring that includes a need for “image verification” and/or dynamic web page elements, such as Silverlight, Flex, Flash, etc…
  • ServerView Monitoring:  web application monitoring using an HTTP GET request process
  • LoadView Stress Testing: Load testing of web applications from worldwide monitoring agent locations

How to use the EveryStep Scripting Tool

EveryStep Functions

Rich Internet Application (RIA) Recording

Advanced Settings