UserView Pricing

Standard pricing is based on a few factors: the total number of monitored tasks in all the monitored scenarios within an account and the frequency of monitoring (ex. 1-minute, 3,5,10, 15-minute).

For example, an account owner monitoring three separate UserView Monitoring scenarios including: a log-in with four tasks, a shopping cart with eight tasks, and an application with six tasks, a total number of 18 tasks at a 5-minute frequency. The pricing model includes packages with volume discounts and in this case a “Premium” package with up to 20 tasks at a 5-minute frequency is most cost-effective.
In UserView the terms ‘task’ and ‘step’ DO NOT mean the same thing. Specifically, a task is defined as an action that opens a new URL, or page title.  A step is a single action performed on a page such as checking for the existence of a specific element.  A task may contain multiple steps before a new task is initiated.  For example, you may begin a task by browsing to a new url.  You may then perform three steps by checking for the existence of a user login field, checking the footer for the phone number, and making sure the heading contains the word “shopping cart”.  Then, when a link is clicked and a new URL is loaded, you have created a second task.  There are some advanced features that will also trigger a new task such as an RIA Picture Assertion, finding and mousing over an image, starting a script timer and starting a network element timer.

Additional costs may be incurred when non-standard monitoring agents are used or when the Rich Internet Application (RIA) option of UserView Monitoring is required, or chosen for monitoring.

Tasks include:
GoTo This is an operation of navigation to a new URL using address bar “tab1.GoTo(““);”
Navigating This is an operation of navigation to a new URL by interaction with a content of a page, during script recording “tab1.Navigating(““);”
New popup Operation which leads to a creation of a new tab

New tab produced by a transition from a previous page means also navigating action but still counts as 1 step.
RIA Picture Assert action Search operation of a given image at a target page “DMAssert.CHECK(“Search Image 0″, () => tab1.FindPicture(PictureList[0]), tab1);”
Mouse Move To Picture Mouse move performs search of a predefined picture and moves cursor over the center of found image “tab1.MouseMoveTo(PictureList[2]);”
Start Script Time Watcher Measurement of execution time of a specified part of a script.For example if we need to measure only 4th step of our 10 steps script, which is load time of a shopping cart at our online store. “StartScriptTimeWatcher (“ScriptTimeWatcher_1”, WatcherType.AlertAndReport, “10sec”.ToDuration ());”
Start Network Time Watcher This option allows to measure load time of a network elements, grouped by type (set a mask, like *.png, *.js etc.) “StartNetworkTimeWatcher (“NetworkTimeWatcher_1”, WatcherType.AlertAndReport, “10sec”.ToDuration (), “*”, NetworkWatcherType.Each);”
Approximate Pricing Matrix for UserView Monitoring (please see your account executive with questions):

Monitoring Packages
tasks per month

Every 15 Min

Every 10 Min

Every 5 Min

Every 3 Min

Every 1 Min

Ala Carte Account $21.99 $29.99 $44.99 $59.99 $119.99
Level I – 10 tasks / mo. $159.98 $212.99 $319.99 $424.99 $848.99
Level II – 20 tasks / mo. $279.99 $372.99 $558.99 $742.99 $1484.99
Level III – 50 tasks / mo. $594.99 $790.99 $1186.99 $1577.99 $3155.99
Level IV – 100 tasks / mo. $1040.99 $1384.99 $2076.99 $2761.99 $5522.99
Level V – 200 tasks / mo. $1821.99 $2421.99 $3632.99 $4832.99 $9663.99