Assigning a Group to a Scheduled Report

To assign a Group to a Scheduled Report, first open the specific “Device– Edit” page by going to the Device> click the “actions” drop-down> and click “Edit”

edit (3)


Then, on the “Device- Edit” page scroll down to “Reporting Options” (see example below, top green bar):

  • Select the Report period(s) (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) by clicking the corresponding check box for each type of Scheduled Report, including:

Text Summary Reports, Excel Summary Reports, PDF Executive Summary Reports, PDF Summary by Task Reports.

  • Then – if needed – for each selected report apply a specific “Filter”, “Schedule”, or  “E-mail for report” option
    If the Notification group already contains the required email(s) addresses, then the field “Email for report” may not be needed
  • Finally,  click the “Notification Group” drop-down for each Scheduled Report and apply the specific Notification Group (example below “1st notification group”).