Executive Summary Report

Executive Summary Reports track the performance of monitored devices in the form of PDF reports that are received daily, weekly, or monthly.

Executive PDF reports provides details on the following:
  • Uptime and Performance
  • Uptime by Task
  • Uptime by Agent Location
  • Performance by Task
  • Average Performance by Task
  • Performance by Agent Location
  • Average Performance by Agent Location

Email reports can be sent to a single email, or to multiple email addresses. To setup an email report that goes to multiple email addresses configure a Notification group. After a Group for Alerting is set up it will appear as a selectable option under Reporting Options for your Devices.

Filtering tip

Filtering tip


Reports can be fine-tuned using a Response Filter, including filtering by:

  1. how long the error is detected
  2. how many monitoring stations confirm the error
  3. how many tasks experienced the error
  4. whether an owner device is down

After setting up a new filter it will show up as a selectable option in the Notification Options>Filters dropdown.

Excluding specific time periods from Reports

A Schedule can be applied by selecting it from the dropdown to exclude a specified time periods from calculations. (For example, if you have scheduled website maintenance every Saturday between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m., you can create a Schedule called “Sat. 5-8 am. exclusion,” to postpone monitoring during that time period. Then, you can assign that Schedule to your website Device.)