Device State

Device states displayed for a device reflect the most current mode-of-operation (i.e. the current state of behavior)

no_tasks Means a monitoring device was created, but it contains no tasks.

in_process Indicates that a device is in the process of running a monitoring session

active Device is active, but is in an idle state between monitoring sessions (frequency).

postponed Means monitoring of the device is paused. Devices can also be postponed automatically via Schedulers, as well as manually postponed via the Device “Actions” button by selecting “Postpone”

not_completed Appears when a device was created using the EveryStep Scripting Tool, but was not completely configured.

“Alert Silence” means the Alert for a Device were silenced. This temporary alerting limitation covers all Alert types.

Alert Silence vs. Schedules:

An Alert Silence disables Alerting but monitoring continues, while the use of a Schedule stops monitoring for the scheduled period.

To enable the “Alert Silence” option click on the “Action” button for the specific Device and select a period of time for disabling/silencing alerts –  10-minutes, 30, 60, or 180 minutes.

Postponing Monitoring during Routine Maintenance

Dashboard states reflect the results of monitoring (i.e. the most recent monitoring result for that device)

stat_ok Device is up and running with no errors.

stat_undef Undefined state. An undefined state is rare. Typically, it is caused by transit delays for monitoring results. An undefined state only happens when every monitoring agent involved in the monitoring for a device indicates a state as “Undefined”. In order to report an undefined state for a device an agent should NOT receive any response for a device for set time period.

This set time period is calculated based on the following formula:

Undefined Duration = (Agent number + 1) x monitoring frequency + 15 minutes

So, with each update of the Dashboard Dotcom-Monitor determines whether or not there was any response based on the “undefined duration” calculation. If there were no responses it switches the state to “Undefined”.

btn-stopped Means monitoring of a device is paused (postponed). Devices can be postponed automatically using a Schedule, or manually postponed via a Device’s “Actions” button by selecting “Postpone”.

stat_down Monitoring of the Device is up and running and has detected the current state is down (or fail).